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Are you ready to dip in the tip of your toe or the whole foot..

My work is based on all of the above. 
Our entire existence is based on chemistry. 
I love words, art, play, touch, taste, smell, movement and stillness.



Psychosomatic Therapy to me is a deep understanding of the communication of your body mind and soul. 

Your behaviour, is your 'being what you have here', your actions and reactions are a consequence of the current shape you are in. 

When we understand what the tissue is communicating we then choose to accept or change it.

Psychosomatics is bring awareness to the issue, or shine a light on it so it is seen, with awareness it automatically starts to change, as it is no longer hidden or in the dark.


Yoga to me is life, it is the deepest of connections to self.

My yoga or sadhana is in everything that I do, it is not only on a mat, or in meditation it is about my devotion to life itself.

The ancient practices are the keys to expand ones consciousness and allow us to journey between past present and future.

Yoga is applied in all that I do, my discipline with yoga means I can remain balanced, connected and in alignment.


To find out more information on our training, online yoga classes or 1:1 sessions, please get in touch.


I offer a variety of 1:1 sessions to suit people's needs. 


I offer sessions that include emotional release therapy, some are bodywork specific.

For Bodywork -initial consultation is 1 3/4 hours, with any follow ups 1 1/4 hours. 

Consultations for emotional release therapy are 1 hour 

online or in person

Lightwork sessions, using light language are 1 hour sessions and can be done in person or online.


I offer online Psychosomatic & Yoga classes - casually or by monthly membership

My classes are a combination of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Asana incorporating Biomedical principles and meditation. 


I apply the wisdom of feminine embodiment and Psychosomatic and Yoga Therapy to all classes.

Perfect for stress, anxiety, emotional release, sleep disorders, menstrual cycle issues, fertility, centring, feeling , connection


I have created a number of workshops and training programs available online and in person.   


They include training in the unlimited intelligence of the Body, Emotion and Mind. These workshops all work with

'the E Motion'

E = Experience, Energy,  mc2 understanding self is understanding others  


They are based on psychosomatic principles, embodiment, emotional release therapy, bodywork, yoga, tantra, art therapy and play.

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